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Logos Stream.

Get instant acceess to thounsands of latest and popular messages from your pastor and other renown and influencial pastors, speakers and leaders in the world.


What is Logos Stream?

Logos Stream gives you instant access to tons of preachings, teachings and motivational messages from your favorite pastors, teachers, leaders and influecial speakers across the world.

Why Logos Stream?

Why Logos Stream?

  • The Word of God in your pocket.

    No need of CDs and mp3 players. You can now enrich your Christian life and enhance your biblical knowledge with well curated preachings, teachings, podcasts and audiobooks all on your smart devices.

  • Data concern? No problem.

    You don't need to be always connected to enjoy your favourite streams. Offline playback is available.

  • Control what you listen to.

    You can build your own library of playlists, favorite messages, speakers etc. You can also share your playlists and collections with friends, family and the public.

  • Collections.

    Tons of collections of messages from events such as Greater Works, Iron Shapens Iron, ManPower conference etc.

  • Daily activities

    Devotion, Bible Trivia Quiz, Sharing the word of God

You can listen to God's Word, always.

Smart Phone

In public transports, while Facebooking, Whatsapping or even learning.


While working,

Smart Watch

While jogging, Cycling or any other form of exercise.


On your way to work or back home, leisure driving etc.

For Speakers and Pastors

Connect with Followers

Reach, connect and engage your church members and followers outside through the world’s first dedicated platform for ministers and their people

Engage More Audience

Grow and further your ministry my reaching thounsands of people using LOGOS Stream to strengthern their faith daily.

Generate Revenue

Sell your messages, books and event tickets through LOGOS Stream. We accept traditional payments systems such Mobile Money, Paypal, Visa, Bank transfer etc.

Instantly Publish Messages

You can share your preaching instantly, just after preaching with your members and external audience either for sale or for free. You can also share devotions with your members and audience.

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